July net statistics

The EPTN was a great net during the month of July 2021, and here is the breakdown of the statistics for all to see.

We had 31 sessions, and this the first month I can remember that I recieved all of the daily reports from all of the net controls. What a great job everyone is doing, and it is great to always know that the net will be covered, because we have dedicated operators covering the net !

We only had one piece of written message traffic passed, which was the monthly net report.

We are purposed to pass any type of written traffic to anywhere, so consider making up a message to send, and we will help you format it and send it over the air.

The checkins were between 7-12 checkins, with 12 days below 10 checkins, and 19 above 10 checkins. This means the net is still growing.



289 1 341 31

this breaks down to the following:

289 for checkins

1 traffic sent or received

341 total time for each session added up each day for 31 days.

31 the numbers of days the net was run

Hope this gives thise whom are unfamiliar with nets what we have to do while adding up the net reports at the end of the month.


AUG 2 –There was a great turnout yesterday of ham radio operators at the Berryville Hamfest.

It was great seeing others whom I had not seen in quite some time.

There were some great deals on some hf radios if you had deep pockets in the tailgating area.

I enjoyed all of the conversations I had with many new introductions of hams all across the region.

The highlight was posing for a picture with the NVTN /QOD group near the pavallion.(I am a former net control and now fill -in net control for that net)

The other highlight was lifting a heavy amplifier which was bought by my friend Rob, KD8YWF into a wagon he bought with his entourage.

Rob had taken me to Winchester hospital back in 2019 for hernia surgery. He also waited patiently for me to be discharged later that night, so this was real payback that I was able to do that for him.

It was a stellar day with the temperatures in the mid 80s and we had a few passing light sprinkles just enough rain to dampen the dust kicked up while driving in the fairground.

The added bonus was getting my car stereo finally wired up in my car. I bought an aftermarket media player to update a 1998 Honda Accord with and it worked well.

Like the chinese radios I have, it’s all new to me figuring out the controls.

I’m sure someone who took pictures will post them for all to see.

I enjoyed the food as well and thanks to the Ruritans for making the food pavillion such an enjoyable and clean place to eat.

I heard nothing but good comments on the air on several repeaters about the hamfest which was the first one in two years due to the covid-19 pandemic lockdown in 2020.

The Shenandoah Valley Amateur Radio Club has put on this hamfest for many years.

The West Virginia Eastern Panhandle was well represented at this hamfest and we look forward to next year.

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Eastern Panhandle Traffic Net (EPTN)

An ARRL Affiliated West Virginia VHF Net, supporting NTS message handling daily, on the 147.255+ PL 123.0 WB8YZV repeater.

Net Manager – Bob Rice, KG4RRN 

Assistant Net Manager-

Rousseau Richards,  KC4RCR

HF Traffic Manager – Rob Barry,  KD8YWF 

Greeting fellow Amateurs, and Welcome to our Net
We meet 7 nights a week at 6:45PM, to pass formal written traffic as a public service into and out of the local area of Morgan, Berkeley, and Jefferson counties, in West Virginia.
Please contact me at kg4rrn@arrl.net if you would like to volunteer to be a Net Control.eptn logo 1

The EPTN supports several other nets and liaison with the West Virginia Phone Net. (HF) and the ARES nets on VHF and UHF.
Please join us to learn how to be a net control, or try your hand at making or delivering message traffic. It is a great way to learn how it has been done, for over 50 years, and it is still relevant today 73⤵
We always are looking for aspiring hams to assist us with net control and will train you to be a net control. Please contact any net control or the net manager or asst net manager on the repeater or qrz.com email address.