FCC will not collect fees until 2022

In an email from ARRL headquarters today, the following information was recieved regarding the collection of licensing and renewal fees that the FCC is imposing in all amateur radio operators starting in the Spring of 2022.

There will be a website online set up to collect the fees that have to be completed with the cores registration system now online. Once a FRN (federal registration number) is issued the new amatuer or renewal will have 10 days to input payment into the online website yet to come online.

Changes such as address change will not be charged.

The FCC will let the ARRL know when their fee collection site is live.

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Eastern Panhandle Traffic Net (EPTN)

An ARRL Affiliated West Virginia VHF Net, supporting NTS message handling daily, on the 147.255+ PL 123.0 WB8YZV repeater.

Net Manager – Bob Rice, KG4RRN 

Assistant Net Manager-

Rousseau Richards,  KC4RCR

HF Traffic Manager – Rob Barry,  KD8YWF 

Greeting fellow Amateurs, and Welcome to our Net
We meet 7 nights a week at 6:45PM, to pass formal written traffic as a public service into and out of the local area of Morgan, Berkeley, and Jefferson counties, in West Virginia.
Please contact me at kg4rrn@arrl.net if you would like to volunteer to be a Net Control.eptn logo 1

The EPTN supports several other nets and liaison with the West Virginia Phone Net. (HF) and the ARES nets on VHF and UHF.
Please join us to learn how to be a net control, or try your hand at making or delivering message traffic. It is a great way to learn how it has been done, for over 50 years, and it is still relevant today 73⤵
We always are looking for aspiring hams to assist us with net control and will train you to be a net control. Please contact any net control or the net manager or asst net manager on the repeater or qrz.com email address.