Ice adds Insult to winter snowstorm

Jan 18th…..

Charles Town

Well after I drove home from work, the other night, I patted myself on the back for getting into the driveway from my work location, a one mile ride up a hillside, in blinding snow. 5 inches had fallen and there were no other four wheeled obsticles to deal with for the 5 traffic lights I usually stop at

When I opened the front door this morning, I realized the little bit of ice formation on the sidewalk had turned into a sheet of thick ice 1/2 inch thick in places.

Since I wasn’t working, deicing and getting the car going after 25 hours of sitting in the frozen driveway, was the next prime objective.

So I started the car and proceeded to look for the scapper in the trunk.

When I unlocked the trunk and tried to lift the lid there was a scrunch noise.

Ice had broken loose from the back window and was cascading across the back deck so picking the pieces out of the trunk was fun.

I removed my hands from the trunk as ice peices skidded across the trunk lid onto the ground. After the roof and the hood were scrapped out the defroster did its job and the windshield was ice free.

Hope you had just as much fun as I did this morning or yesterday trying to get the vehicle out of icemania..

Back to the Future?

Face Masks for sale


By : Bob Rice KG4RRN/8

As I was thinking the other day how best to get our hams involved in some worthwhile endeavor, the ARRL sent me an email stating the the ARRL Foundation will be accepting grant proposals from Clubs which have projects which would benefit the general ham community in their area. One club which I used to belong to needs a lot of help.

Hint – hint!

They seem to want to rely on the federal government for helping their club even though the needed repairs to thier repeater antenna system and repeater has been waning for years.

Was this foretold the powers that be will make it all right again– even though the same government took away their clubhouse and promised renovations which have been more than 10 years in process?

All of the restrictions on this ham radio club from the government has given me a great lesson in life, and it was hard to continue to be a member of this club with the constaints that are set in place. I encourage the club president to write a grant proposal and forward it to the ARRL so that the club can attract new members have a repeater system which works well and helps attract new members.

Meanwhile, I celebrated 10 years of being a grocery store employee and hope I can continue to be of service for a long time yet until I can retire.

With the pandemic now in its third year, many have become victims, and many more have lost their jobs and homes due to no fault of their own.

Stores now are struggling to fill the shelves and keep them filled.

Supply chain issues and transportation issues still affect the retail sector of the economy and this has resulted in increased hourding of goods.

Inflation has also reared it’s ugly head, reminding those old enough to remember of the mid eighties in a different set of problems.

The other issue affecting ham radio operators on an even greater scale is now how to program software defined radios, or SDR for short.

We have many more modes of operating the hf and vhf and uhf allocations permitted to us by the FCC than when I first bought a radio in this hobby back in 2002.

The hobby has attracted young “makers” of their own equipment and since the merging of the computer with the ham radio in the early 1990s.

There have been, and will continue to be advances in the art and science of radio, going across interstellar distances in the future.

So as we pondor what’s next for the great hobby of Amateur radio, let’s remind ourselves that we are all in it together and we need to work together to find solutions to enrich and perpetuate the grand illusion we call ham radio.


Bob Rice, KG4RRN/8

Winchester SVARC repeater adds tone-squelch

Jan 15th

The Winchester repeater has added tone squelch of 146.2 to both input and output tx, so if you are not sure how to program that in your radio, please consult your owner’s manual.

The repeater on 146.820- is owned by the Shenandoah Valley Amateur Radio Club and has a website at . The SVARC is an ARRL special services club and may provide emergency communications to support public service agencies in an emergency.

Their net is Tuesday at 7:00pm on the clubs repeater.

They have 2 meetings a month on Thursdays at 7:30pm at their clubhouse in Winchester.

Net Control Needed

Any checkins or new hams that would like to learn how to run the net we now have an opening on Tuesdays at 6:45pm.

Apply to the net manager Bob Rice KG4RRN at my or inquire during the net 7 days a week.

We offer free training and its a great learning experience.

Happy New Year

EPTN and Bob’s 2021 Year in Review

Well it’s certainly been a interesting year, but the pandemic took new twists and turns with everyday life.

Our net added 3 new net controls and we all covered each and almost every net for the year !

Though hard work and dedication our net controls managed through rough copy and even cw ids to keep the net going.

I must publicly thank Santa Clause for making me believe in Christmas again, as I was a good boy this year !

For gifts I got not one, but two hf radios.

The other radio is a Icom IC-728 . I will be studying hard now to pass the General license test.

The solar cycle is just starting to pick up again with a couple of bands of sunspots spotted .(I couldn’t help that)

I also want to acknowledge all of my net controls and hf liasons and Wish them a happier 2022.

Sunday Net Control

Mike N9RUN

Monday Net Control


Tuesday net control

Dave W3DAP

Wednesday Net Control Rousseau KC4RCR

Thursday net control


Friday net control

John AE7YH

Saturday net control (me) but many times had

A substitute due to having to work during net time…..

Rousseau KC4RCR or any above. And STEVE,KR1M

EPTN HF Liasons

Rob, KD8YWF and KK3F Pat, and Frank, N4SLR

Thanks to everyone, and

keep on hamming…

All rights reserved US

Eastern Panhandle Traffic Net (EPTN)

An ARRL Affiliated West Virginia VHF Net, supporting NTS message handling daily, on the 147.255+ PL 123.0 WB8YZV repeater.

Net Manager – Bob Rice, KG4RRN 

Assistant Net Manager-

Rousseau Richards,  KC4RCR

HF Traffic Manager – Rob Barry,  KD8YWF 

Greeting fellow Amateurs, and Welcome to our Net
We meet 7 nights a week at 6:45PM, to pass formal written traffic as a public service into and out of the local area of Morgan, Berkeley, and Jefferson counties, in West Virginia.
Please contact me at if you would like to volunteer to be a Net Control.eptn logo 1

The EPTN supports several other nets and liaison with the 3810 khz West Virginia Phone Net. At 5:00pm Winter -and 6:00 pm Spring  (HF) and the ARES nets on VHF and UHF.
Please join us to learn how to be a net control, or try your hand at making or delivering message traffic.

It is a great way to learn how it has been done, for over 80 years, and it is still relevant today 73⤵
We always are looking for aspiring hams to assist us with net control and will train you to be a net control. Please contact any net control or the net manager or asst net manager on the repeater , or my call  KG4RRN at or e-mail address.