EPTN Net script

Revised 8/2021

“Before we begin the Eastern Panhandle Traffic Net, is there any emergency or priority traffic ?”

Good evening , welcome to the EPTN, your net control] is___________, and I am located in ________________.)

“This is a directed,local level and training net of the ARRL National traffic system serving the Eastern Panhandle Region of West Virginia.”

“New hams and stations outside of West Virginia are welcome to check into the net

“When checking into the net, please speak slowly , state “this is ” then Wait for the repeater to BEEP , then give your callsign in phonetics , along with your first name, and location.”
“First are there any announcements”
(TAKE all announcements and thank them for bringing them)
“Now calling net liaison stations or stations with written message traffic, call now.”
(Accept all traffic and ask for local stations to copy and pass the traffic, outbound traffic– ask for destination, and assign a liason station to accept the traffic, and deliver the traffic at a time suitable for passing it.)
“Now calling mobile, portable, and echolink stations, call now”

“Now calling all others stations, call now.”

[After each check in repeat their callsign, and name then go onto other checkins, repeating each callsign as heard and ask for corrections or clarify any callsign not understood.]

[Senario 1]”Having passed all traffic ,we will now declare the net informal, and go for a round of comments…your comments are welcome and appreciated.”

[Senario 2] “Having no listed traffic we will now close the formal portion of the net and start a round of comments (start with liasion stations then mobile portable and echolink then all others.”]

Excuse stations who said “no comment” ]

“Last call for any check-ins…..”

(Ending script:)

“That completes this session of the EPTN. We thank Jack , WB8YZV for the use of the repeater for this net.

For more information on our net go to: eptn.wordpress.com

This net is now closed and the repeater is returned to normal operations.”

This is _____________, 73 all.”