Assistant Net Manager position election

All current Net Controls are now eligible to be considered by the net manager for this position.

Currently the qualifications I am looking for are:

  1. Ability to formulate and pass radiogram traffic messages as well as copy and delivery of them. (Everyone can do this )…..
  2. Cover nets and run a net without any assistance or advise.(all can)
  3. Be able to answer questions about radiogram format voicing procedure and net operations.
  4. A desire to step up and recruit new net controls.
  5. Send me an email to my call at to be considered.
  6. (I will announce this on as many nets as it takes until we have a field of at least 3 candidates. Then questions will get more specific.)
  7. One will be chosen .
  8. I appreciate all net controls hard work over this past year to keep our net going. But we must do better.

Entered December 11th 2020

Robert Rice, KG4RRN

EPTN Net Manager

WV. Asst. Section Manager, SK.

11/26/2020 arrl

Written by Bob Rice, KG4RRN

Ann Rinehart, KA8ZGY who was a current Assistant West Virginia Section Manager died from complications of Covid , the ARRL reported. She sent our net NTS radio grams over the years.

Her husband Ollie (sk) was active in the Section leadership as well, and served as former Section Manager.

She was an inspiring figure , and was firm in her dealings with other hams the news article reported.

I really appreciated the fact that for each radiogram Ann sent, I would return the favor. It is indeed a loss to the West Virginia amateur community

When we loose someone whose skills and leadership set an example for everyone to follow.

She will be missed.

73 Ann.

2nd Wave of Covid strikes

All Amateurs

The second wave of infections of this flu which causes death is now increasing around the world again since the first wave hit early this year .

Many areas are now increasing restrictions on movement, facial mask mandates, washing of hands, and even business closures.

While not being overly reactive, we need to start thinking of ways to curb the spread of this Covid so that we can finally win the war against it.

I have had to work at a grocery store for months wearing a mask, and following all the procedures and guidelines suggested, and ordered since I am deemed to be an ‘essential worker.

My ideas are to order your groceries online don’t eat at restaurants but use the drive thru if you must.

The less interaction we have with potential spreaders the faster this will all be over with.

Easier said than done, but we can do it.

Please protect yourself and your loved ones if you must go out to shop.

Thank you


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Eastern Panhandle Traffic Net (EPTN)

An ARRL Affiliated West Virginia VHF Net, supporting NTS message handling daily, on the 147.255+ PL 123.0 WB8YZV repeater.

Net Manager Bob Rice, KG4RRN Traffic Manager Frank Conard, N4SLR

Greeting fellow Amateurs, and Welcome to our Net
We meet 7 nights a week at 6:45PM, to pass formal written traffic as a public service into and out of the local area of Morgan, Berkeley, and Jefferson counties, in West Virginia.
Please contact me at if you would like to volunteer to be a Net Control.eptn logo 1

The EPTN supports several other nets and liaison with the West Virginia Phone Net. (HF) and the ARES nets on VHF and UHF.
Please join us to learn how to be a net control, or try your hand at making or delivering message traffic. It is a great way to learn how it has been done, for over 50 years, and it is still relevant today 73⤵
Bob, KG4RRN, EPTN Net Manager.

  • Frank, N4SLR, EPTN Traffic Manager